2017 Excellence in Hardscape Project Winners

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Residential Landscape Design & Construction Categories 

Front Yard or Entrance Projects - (May include sides of residence if project is a continuation of the front)

Best Overall Front Yard/Entrance Project Under 1,000 Sq Ft

  • GOLD - Ilgen Residence
  • SILVER - Ackerson Project
  • BRONZE - Moulonopolous Residence

Best Overall Front Yard/Entrance Project Over 1,000 Sq Ft

  • GOLD - Sajjad Residence
  • SILVER - Lindstrom Residence

Outdoor Living or Outdoor Kitchen Projects

Best Outdoor Living/Kitchen Project Under 1,000 Sq Ft

  • GOLD - Gurka / Watertown - WMA 2016 EIH BEST DESIGN AWARD!
  • SILVER - Mequon Residence - WMA 2016 EIH BEST USE OF MATERIAL AWARD!
  • BRONZE - Napier Residence Outdoor Room

Best Outdoor Living/Kitchen Project Over 1,000 Sq Ft 

  • GOLD - Strosin Residence - WMA 2016 EIH PROJECT OF THE YEAR!
  • SILVER - Winneconne
  • BRONZE - Ludtke Residence

Driveway Projects

Best Driveway Application

Permeable Paver Projects

Best Permeable Paver Residential Application

  • GOLD - Bakken Residence Project
  • SILVER - The Grunwald Cottage
  • BRONZE - Hilgemann Residence

Water Feature Projects

Most Creative Water Feature Project

Best Pool Deck or Pool Surround Project

  • GOLD - Franklin Residence
  • SILVER - Eigner Residence
  • BRONZE - Sawallich Residence

Specialty Wall Projects

Best Specialty Wall Projects

  • GOLD - Flesch Residence
  • SILVER - Davis Residence
  • BRONZE - Raymond Residence

Commercial Landscape Design and Construction Categories

Concrete Paver Projects

Best Concrete Paver Commercial Application Under 2,500 Sq Ft

  • GOLD - Woodridge Estates Fire Pit

Best Concrete Paver Commercial Application Over 2,500 Sq Ft

  • GOLD - Church Mutual

Segmental Retaining Wall Projects 

Best Structural Retaining Wall Commercial Application over 2,500 Sq Ft

  • GOLD - Lake Edge Apartments 

Best Creative Use of Segmental Retaining Wall in a Commercial Application

  • GOLD - Old Settlers Park Renovation

Natural Stone Projects

Best Use of Natural Stone in a Commercial Application

  • GOLD - Oconomowoc Veterans Memorial Park
  • SILVER - Beloit Country Club

Permeable Paver Projects

Best Permeable Paver Commercial Application

  • GOLD - Menasha Corp