First Place Public Masonry Application

Badger Middle School 

 This 96,000 square foot addition and renovation was designed to accommodate the growing community needs of the West Bend School District.  The architectural base was created from the existing entry and with the use of multiple mediums with heavy emphasis on straight lines and clay brick the community now has a functioning modern learning facility which is aesthetically appealing.

The project scope required classes to continue while the new building was being erected and spanned a nearly a 2 year construction term.   The site presented many hurdles easily combatted by the use of CMU’s and clay brick, which was efficiently installed and allowed little interruption to education process that remained on site. 

The majority of masonry product supplied by Northfield was approximately 15,000 Sioux City Custom Utility Blend clay brick.  The architect strategically pulls your attention to every detail on the building with the use of a varying mediums utilizing panel like sections with the brick emphasis completing this modern design.

Judges Comments: 

  • Good attention to details. Lot is going on, and great deal of control was needed to keep everything cohesively together. More successful in some parts than others. Nice job.
  • Nice blending of materials.
  • Like many of the buildings seeking these honors, this one looks like it was designed in 2010. It is very nicely proportioned and detailed but it will always be readily identifiable as 2010 architecture.
  • The use of combination of masonry and metal exterior materials work well in the overall composition.

Architect: Eppstein Uhen

General Contractor: VJS Construction Service

Mason Contractor: T.V. John & Sons

Material Producer: Northfield Block