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From ancient times into the new millenium,
concrete masonry is the BLOCK OF AGES.

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Fire Insurance Cost Comparison

page1_1.jpg     "The history of man is the history of his architecture,
     and the history of architecture is the history of

     Christine Beall, AlA
     Masonry Design and Detailing For Architects,
     Engineers and Builders

A Solid Foundation... The Beginning

The course of masonry’s history transcends back in time to civilizations. Man’s creative genius transformed sand and stone structures to safeguard their families and possessions from their enemies. Solid, dependable walls, towers, bridges and roads employing masonry evolved. Later, designs incorporated practical and ornate arches and domes. Not only did the product receive acclaim, but communities highly regarded masons for their skilled hands and craft in shaping cathedrals and other buildings of social and religious significance.


Time and ingenuity advanced masonry. Machines began to replace manual production of masonry units. Product ingredients became more consistent, creating stronger, more durable concrete masonry units.

Color started to appear. Textures were created. Unit sizes evolved. Masonry staked its claim as a primary building source because of its structural integrity, permanence and beauty. With every generation through every century, masonry has become increasingly appreciated as the building product of choice.

Masonry has outlived its people but not its purpose!

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     History Lives Today!

     The timeless beauty of masonry and today’s technological
     advances in product manufacturing afford superior
     advantages to developers and owners. Modern
     manufacturing facilities, employing the finest equipment,
     produce a diverse array of high quality concrete masonry
     units. Carefully controlled quality measures ensure
     consistent, easy to handle products for skilled masons,
     resulting in fast, reliable construction.


     Complementing product quality is product diversity. Select
     from a wide palette of colors and textures to capture the
     visual appeal masonry offers. Make an aesthetic statement
     that is truly individualistic, while easily adapting to the
     needs of the building site.

page3_3.jpg     Benefit from masonry’s construction advantages with lower
     interest payments on construction loans, take possession
     sooner and enjoy faster occupancy. You will appreciate
     low construction and maintenance costs associated with
     concrete masonry construction.

     Building life-cycle costs are substantially less than other
     forms of construction without loss of quality or
     performance. Masonry in the 21st century will continue to
     offer all the performance advantages that have stood the
test of time for many centuries. Masonry is an enduring material with many long-term benefits. It is the proven product of choice amongst owners and developers from the standpoint of design flexibility, product quality, construction timelines, project cost and return-on-investment. Structural integrity; fire safety and energy savings further support masonry’s value. Your masonry building will be valued for its beauty today. Centuries from now, the same will hold true!

page3_5.jpg     Permanence
     Centuries of proven performance.
     Your building will last a lifetime.

     Superior Strength and Integrity
     It will stand fast to both time and the elements.

     Durable Long-Lasting Construction
     Maintenance and care will be minimal.

Increase return on investment.

page3_8.jpg     Timeless Beauty
     Concrete masonry; The most versatile of all building

     Select from a wealth of design options to create a lasting

     Vast array of sizes, textures & colors. Create the identity
     you seek to express.

page6_1.jpg     Concrete Masonry Exhibits Solidity
     Your corporate image of strength and stability will be
     richly presented.

     Every king's castle built around the world was constructed
     of masonry.

     Making a statement that will stand the test of time.

Rapid Construction
Concrete masonry is produced locally.

You will not have to compete for a production.
Schedule with someone two states away.

Skilled, competent masons expert in their craft.
You won't believe how fast your building's walls will go up!

Fast reliable construction.
Take possession sooner and enjoy fast occupancy.

Performance Advantages
Concrete masonry's thermal mass translates into energy savings.
You will enjoy lower operating expenses.

Concrete masonry stands up better to natural diasters vs. other building systems.
Lower insurance premiums and repair costs.

Durable and maintenance friendly.
You will enjoy lower cost of operation.

Prototypical Construction

From ancient times into the new millenium,
concrete masonry is the BLOCK OF AGES.

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