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What Can We Do With 8 Inch CMU in Wisconsin?

8-Inch Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) are a versatile building material. They are often under-utilized and unnecessarily replaced with larger CMUs or other costlier materials such as cast-in-place or precast concrete elements. The old adage, “when in doubt make it stout,” is not a responsible strategy for any material, including masonry. The reality is that thinner walls constructed of 8-inch masonry are being designed by many engineers, providing their clients with structurally safe, code compliant, aesthetically pleasing, and economical designs.

Important Changes to ASTM C90-00

A change to ASTM C90 was recently recommended by Committee C 15 that will have a major impact on design professionals, concrete block producers and mason contractors. This change is one that we have been trying to accomplish for many years: the removal of Type I and Type II units and the deletion of a table for moisture content requirements for Type I units. These changes were incorporated in the standard by the entire ASTM C90 Committee as part of Designation C90-OO.

Liquidated Damages For Delay in Construction Contracts

It is common in construction contracts, especially in public construction, for contractors to be assessed damages for late completion based on a fixed amount per day. These deductions are usually called "liquidated damages". Because the calculation and proof of actual losses resulting from contractor caused delays may be difficult, liquidated damage clauses are often popular with owners. Owners of public facilities like roads and schools may be specially interested in using a liquidated damage clause, because much of the "loss" they suffer may be inconvenience that is not easy to reckon in dollars and cents.