Tech Series

The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), Herndon, Virginia, publishes TEK treatises as an informational series addressing issues of concrete masonry technology.

It is the intent of the Wisconsin Masonry Alliance (WMA) to further the knowledge of masonry by providing TECH papers as either supplements to the TEK notes or to address subject matter not currently covered. WMA TECH papers will communicate pertinent subject matter and best practices, as well as disclose possible misuse of materials or improper applications relevant to (concrete) masonry construction in Wisconsin.

WMA tech series will be published as necessary in the future. For assistance with downloading copies of these Wisconsin TECH papers, contact the WMA office at 800-377-0667 • 414-276-0667 •


WMA "TECH 2-3" - "Integrally Colored Concrete Masonry Units"
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Architectural Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs) may be manufactured with integral coloring to enhance the appearance and provide an enduring finish to masonry structures. TECH 2-3 provides helpful information A proper understanding of the color composition and the manufacturing process, as well as the benefits and limitations of integrally colored CMUs, can help provide familiarity and assist in meeting satisfactory expectations for the finished masonry assemblage. Recommendations for mortar selection and cleaning of integrally colored CMUs are also provided.

WMA "TECH 15-1" - "Design of Masonry Foundation  Walls"
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The International Building Code and Wisconsin Building Codes have adopted a means of determining lateral pressures against foundation walls based on soil types. TECH 15-1 includes helpful information, tables and diagrams that will aide in designing masonry foundations economically using rebars at maximum spacings.