Second Place Commercial Masonry Application

Rountree Commons

C.D. Smith Construction, Inc. worked with the UW-Platteville Real Estate Foundation the design, development, financing, and construction of  Rountree Commons, a 620 bed residence hall located on the UW-Platteville  Campus.   

Rountree Commons consists of two bedroom suites, with four students to a suite. Residents share a bathroom and common area equipped with a refrigerator, sink and microwave. The residence hall also has a large common area on the first floor with a large TV area, convenience store and fitness center.   

Construction started in June of 2011 and completed and move-in ready for fall semester 2012.   

Masonry components include: 

  • Interior and Exterior Concrete Brick (30,000 s.f.) 
  • Work was completed through the winter
  • Tenting and enclosures utilized Brick Returns at all windows
  • Interior vestibule accent walls done of brick  
  • Elevator Shaft constructed of block 
  • 1st Floor load bearing masonry for precast 
  • Unique flashing details with the utilization of the Dow Thermax System 
  • Unique expansion joints using brick

Judges Comments:

  • A well-integrated skin. A good example of integrating light and heavy materials within the massing of a building. It seems like you can read and analyze the depth of the two different wall systems by just looking at it. The aesthetics of this building is truthful to its construction and use of material.
  • Great use on modern materials in a modern design.
  • Subtle and strong visual design. A bit too much contrast for my personal taste in the siding colors. Nice job detailing the brick.
  • The building use of masonry works well with the other materials selected to create a good composition.

Architect: HGA

General & Mason Contractor: C.D. Smith Construction, Inc

Material Producer: County Materials Corporation