Merit in Concrete Masonry

Mauston EMS

In Spring of 2012, the Mauston area Ambulance Association purchased land on South Union Street for a long-awaited new Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) building.  After ten years of fund raising, the community would be provided with a new facility on the west side of town providing better response times for the citizens.

Hoping for at least four vehicle bays, the completed 10,000 square foot facility contained 5 bays, office, training, and storage rooms, as well as overnight facilities for emergency medical staffing.  Ganther Construction was awarded the contract and immediately began construction on the one story construction in the Spring of 2013.  The community wanted a masonry stone look; however, budget restraints made full veneer concrete masonry a logical and economical choice. 

Northfield supplied approximately 6,600 square feet of full masonry veneer , Lamina Stone, which provided a ledgestone look with a three color blend.  Lamina Stone accomplished an aesthetic stone with the ease of installation of modular concrete masonry units while providing cost savings to fit within their financial means.  The blended ledgestone units give the building base the stone look the ambulance design committee which transitioned to the columns at entrance areas. 

The project was completed within budget and within the construction scope.  The residence now have a great building to reflect the immediate and timely response within their community. 

Architect and General Contractor: Ganther Construction Architecture

WMA Producer/Supplier: Northfield Block