Merit in Natural Stone Masonry

Cedarburg Public Library

Diligence Pays 

Over the past decade, Engberg Anderson has worked with Cedarburg Public Library to develop the best option for meeting Cedarburg’s library needs. After evaluating multiple sites and concept designs, the City selected a site adjacent to the existing library building and one block from the vibrant downtown-shopping district. A Needs Assessment effort took the form of a ‘Narrative Tour’ describing what the new library ought to offer and the form it would ideally take. The community articulated a need for a gathering place where neighbors could interact in formal and informal settings while accessing library materials and services.   

Community Context – Exterior Masonry 

The new 22,500 sf library is a two-story structure set into a historical community of natural stone buildings.  An interactive dialogue with the community made it clear that the new library should echo the simple authentic typology of the surrounding city fabric, while being mindful of the tax dollars used to fund the construction. The final design incorporates large windows to capture natural light and views of the city within a natural stone façade at the primary street elevations, using a neutral brick to compliment the stone and meet budget expectations.  The library board considered not only the type of stone but also the location of the quarry, to obtain a local and sustainable building material.  The stone and brick are used together to build a civic structure that is both stately and welcoming.   

Defining a Town Square – Interior Masonry 

A defining design feature on the interior of the library is the Town Square, a spacious lobby area serving as a gathering place where social interaction mixes with the business of the day. An operable glass wall and fireplace separate the Town Square from the Community Room, allowing the option to connect the spaces for larger events. The coordinating masonry on the fireplace visually connects the interior of the library with the exterior image of the building.     

 “Thank you, thank you for our beautiful building.  We get so many compliments.  Last Sunday afternoon I was at a program in the community room and a patron told me what a wonderful room it is (especially with the fire going.)  His wife told me when she can't find him, she knows he is at the library.”  - Sue Karlman, Library Board President, Cedarburg Public Library

Architect: Engberg Anderson Architects

Mason Contractor: Arteaga Construction, Inc.

WMA Producer/Supplier: County Materials Corporation, Hebron Brick Company, and Lycon, Mortar Technologies