FORSE Consulting, LLC Member Benefit

WMA Member Benefit: Did You Know?

FORSE Consulting, LLC Offers Services to
Architects and Structural Engineers

Did you know that as a benefit of being a member of theWisconsin Masonry Alliance (WMA) you could receive complimentary services from FORSE Consulting, LLC?

FORSE offers a collaborative approach, software expertise, and structural design knowledge that will be a valuable addition to your team, whether you are an architect or structural engineer. Their solutions-oriented approach and structural design expertise yields projects that are creative, affordable, and practical.

FORSE consistently maintains a high level of professional care and responsibility in each project. They guarantee all of their work to be of the highest quality, as they know their clients would expect nothing but the best.


FORSE's experience ranges from single-story wood and masonry buildings to modeling and designing complex concrete and steel high-rise buildings and sports stadiums. 

Simply stated, they have worked on a large variety of structural engineering design projects during the time they spent at design firms and then providing consulting and training to engineers on the latest advancements in design software.


With years of experience as a structural engineer in the design industry, FORSE understands the needs of their clients. FORSE has an expertise utilizing structural engineering software integrated with Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications to produce state of the art designs.

Their goal is to work with clients to create high quality designs, while using efficient and reliable work processes. They offer a wide range of structural engineering consulting and design services.

They offer design and consulting services to structural engineers across the country, as well as providing structural engineering design services to architects in northern Wisconsin.

How do I take advantage of this member benefit?

To take advantage of the services offered by FORSE Consulting, LLC, just contact Sam Rubenzer by email at or call 715-513-6773. Be sure to identify yourself as a WMA member.


Sam Rubenzer, PE, SE
Owner, Structural Engineer

Samuel Rubenzer has over 20 years of experience in structural engineering. Early in his career, he worked as a structural engineer for design firms in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and spent 5 years at RAM International and Bentley Systems providing training to structural engineers on how to use structural software programs and design tools.

Sam founded FORSE Consulting in January 2010 and continues to assist fellow structural engineers with designs on a variety of projects, building types, and uses of software programs. Sam is an expert in structural software programs and speaks at national structural engineering conferences on the use of software programs for the industry. He has also been the structural engineering consultant to the Wisconsin Structural Masonry Coalition since 2010. Sam has an MBA from Marquette University and a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Sam is a licensed Structural Engineer (SE) in the state of Illinois and a Professional Engineer (PE) in many of the Midwestern states.

Strive to be the best at what we do, by understanding our clients needs first, and then tailoring a solution to meet the demands of the project.